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Chinese International Sourcing Fair

An introduction China around Food documentary ‘on the tip of the tongue Chinese’ attracted great attention, which has a few words, telling of the hometown people heart out about: whether footsteps walk far, in people's mind, only the taste of home, which are familiar and stubborn, he is like a taste of GPS positioning system a head, locking the thousands of miles away in remote, another one will always hold the deep memory of hometown. This passage way all away children, deep in the heart of the missing and care home. Diet as a house body is connected with the family and even affection between person and person. This also is similar in mainland China a restaurant. The restaurant space became a house body, connecting away children and home.

East Gate as early as in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, has become the main market of the prescription circle dozens of range, in history has also been called the old street and the old city of Luohu. With the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the East Gate market is gradually change into a modern shopping district.

East Gate commercial street, also known as the East Gate Street, a true record of a history of the development of Shenzhen City, the East Gate commercial street is the stage of history of modern Shenzhen's testimony, is a part of Shenzhen City, historical and cultural heritage, Shenzhen is the root. East Gate commercial walk street, North Lixin Road, South to the deep South Road, east to the East Gate Road, West Park Road, covers an area of 176000 square meters.